Now more than ever, we need community. We’re talking about a real community where deep and loving bonds exist and every member is valued and cared about.

It is in genuine community and connectedness where you find strength, healing, and love.

It is out of this need that Community Inspired was born.

We are headquartered in Burlington, Vermont but we have a growing membership that expands the globe. We offer a loving community filled with a tapestry of human expression. We come together, both physically and virtually, to leverage collective wisdom and experiences breaking down borders and positively shaping our future.

At Community Inspired you’ll find a safe place for connecting through retreats, educational opportunities, collective spiritual practice, and interspiritually informed leadership development programs.

We invite you to join this site and become a part of our expanding community. Everyone is welcome here.


We trust in the power of community and believe it is the missing ingredient in our fractured world.

We believe that human connectedness and love are the antidotes for pain and suffering.

We honor and value the power of diversity in all of its races, identities, and expressions.

We engage in regular spiritual practices, however that may be defined, to strengthen our connectedness.

We believe that there is no right way or path, and we respect the paths of our fellow community members.

We provide a safe and nourishing place to explore, deepen our understanding, and build our leadership.

We recognize that we are human and at times we may offend one another; we agree to open dialog, and the benefit of the doubt, to clarify misunderstandings and to learn from one another.

We are action-oriented and seek to bring loving kindness to all members of humanity, our animal companions, and the earth. 

Our Founder

I have had many unique experiences that have shaped who I am today. And yet, for so much of my life, I felt alone. It wasn’t until I had the privilege of being accepted and loved by a diverse community that I recognized just how important belonging is.
Having developed and served as the lead facilitator of a global award-winning leadership development program, I have witnessed the impact of community on many leaders and I feel compelled to expand that beyond the walls of an organization so that anyone interested can learn, grow, and belong.

Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives…~ Brené Brown