What Community Means to Me


In a lot of ways, community makes or breaks us. At least that’s been my experience. Growing up in a tightknit family that always had huge holiday events and birthdays, and heck, even Sunday night dinners with grandparents – and sometimes aunts, uncles, and cousins – my life was a-bustle with community. As I grew older, though, and began to come into my intrinsic knowledge of who I was, I knew my identity and self-expression wasn’t going to fit very nicely into their fundamentalist Christian views.


Knowing from a young age that I was transgender made it difficult to fit into my family’s ideals and forms of a community with very strict standards. I also found this to be true in my church community, which was the second most important community I was a part of. But when it became clear that I was no longer fitting into their version of community – following their rules and expectations – I found myself alone and without support. I was deeply depressed, and I struggled through most of my 20’s with that experience before I came to realize that what was missing in my life was community! That old adage “It takes a village” is true because it really does. Because we are so interconnected and interdependent with one another, when we end up going it alone, we struggle deeply.

For me, as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, as a trans man, I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to find new forms of community with one another and our allies. Because the truth is, oftentimes we are cast out of our original communities and families; our first communities from birth. This has been part of my work; to help create spaces where I can be an anchor, a space-holder for community both with LGBTQIA+ folx and also with straight allies.

It took me most of my 20’s, and even a good portion of my 30’s, to figure out what it was that was missing. It took more time to decide that I was willing to venture out there into the world and make myself vulnerable again; to be part of a community. Then, it took even more time to find the community! Finally, I found myself discovering some new spiritual communities that I was able to get involved in, places where all people from all walks of life were welcomed, where they didn’t have to look a certain way, love a certain person, or believe in a certain god. I also found shamanism, which again shifted my world into a place of discovery and reconnection with my own self, and who I want to be in the world.

Now, I’m an Interspiritual Minister-in-Training. I speak around the country giving sermons and talks, I host a masterclass called the Soul Seer Experience, and I see clients on a one-on-one basis, working to help people realize a flow of increased physical and emotional balance, a deeper soul harmony, expanded insight and clarity for their life path, shifts in consciousness and a reframing of their mindset. I believe we are all in search of greater clarity about our soul’s purpose, stronger interpersonal relationships, and a deeper connection to the Divine & Self. We all long for a community where we can be exactly who we are and find unconditional love and acceptance right in the now.

I look forward to you joining us along this journey of creating an expanded consciousness within and through community. May we find inspiration, support, creativity, compassion, and love together on what I always call our “Journey Home to Wholeness.”


Minister-in-training and Soul Seer

As a One Spirit Interspiritual Minister-in-training and an empathic trans man, Alex’s life’s work is about the journey home to one’s true self, both physically and spiritually. His gifts and work are rooted in the lessons he has personally learned through re-integrating parts of his own soul on his journey home to wholeness.

His work focuses on empowering others to view their internal landscape more clearly so that they can experience their divine direction with clarity.


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    Love, love love!

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      Yay! Thanks for your comments!m and for reading!!

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