Laura Young
Laura YoungCo-Leader and Collaborator
My name is Laura Young, and I am a yoga and meditation teacher, and an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister with a focus on spiritual counseling.

I believe everyone needs to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. My passion is working with people to help them bridge an understanding of themselves as whole and worthy, by connecting, articulating and refining their inner terrain through spiritual practice in whatever form of the endless forms it takes.

I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for over 12 years both nationally and internationally, and have been on a path of seeking to fully accept, understand and love myself and my place in the world with everyone else for most of my life. I have survived family addiction and abuse, struggled and am in recovery, am a refugee from a 20 year career in corporate finance, been married, and been divorced. I’m a mom of a teenager, a yogi, a sponsor in a 12 step program. I’m married, and we have two huge dogs and two cats. I love to hike, to write, and to cook. And I love my life. It’s messy, complex, and nuanced even on the best of days, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oz Ashki
Oz AshkiContributing Author
Reverend Ozgul is a certified professional coach with more than a decade of multifaceted experience across humanitarian work and mindfulness practices. Her career as an aid worker in humanitarian operations with different UN organizations in Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, has given her deep psychological insights and spiritual perspectives into human potential. She is also a certified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, a volunteer mentor with the Charity Wedu for young Asian female leaders, and is the Founder of Verity Coaching.

Ozgul’s practice welcomes diversity, be it in spiritual, professional or gender identities, or any other ‘category’ that yearns for fluidity and non-conformity. She is a practicing Sufi in a tradition of Love, Respect and Acceptance of all. Herself a life-long nomad and a multi-lingual student of cultures, Ozgul understands that being ‘other’ is what brings you abundance: Ozgul is at home in many places. She is of Turkish heritage, raised in Germany, lived in Geneva, Istanbul, Paris and New York, and is currently based in the UK.

Garrett A. Foster
Garrett A. FosterContributing Author
Garrett A. Foster is a Unity prayer chaplain, Life-Cycle Celebrant and ordained interfaith minister from One Spirit seminary. His professional background also includes three decades as a writer, editor and senior manager in television, newspapers and magazines. Garrett won an Emmy Award as one of the writers of the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light.

A second cancer diagnosis led Garrett to become an interfaith minister. He now devotes his life to helping people to heal from bullying, physical/mental illness, and religious wounding through love, forgiveness, gratitude and being a part of community.

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Alex Reegan
Alex ReeganContributing Author
As a One Spirit Interspiritual Minister-in-training and an empathic trans man, Alex’s life’s work is about the journey home to one’s true self, both physically and spiritually. His gifts and work are rooted in the lessons he has personally learned through re-integrating parts of his own soul on his journey home to wholeness.

His work focuses on empowering others to view their internal landscape more clearly so that they can experience their divine direction with clarity.